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We are pleased to announce the addition of our newest associate,

Dr. Sergei Frenzel, ND, MD


We are excited to have Dr Frenzel join The Life Center.  He trained as a Medical Doctor (MD) in Russia and, in addition, chose to become a Naturopathic Physician (ND) graduating from the University of Bridgeport in 2007.  With 30 years of experience in caring for patients in both naturopathic and conventional medicine, his extensive holistic experience spans several countries and continents.  He is well-versed in integrative medicine, including the use of vitamins, herbs, acupuncture, and nutrition and mind-body medicine.  With one foot solidly planted in both worlds, he is in a unique position to be able to bridge the gap between naturopathic and conventional medicine, and to help you find the best approach for your condition.

Dr. Frenzel’s specialties are:

Diabetes                Chronic Fatigue      Men’s Health                   Oncology              IBS

Crohn’s disease     Migraines               Chronic Pain           Arthritis                 Obesity

Pediatrics               Anti-aging              Depression            Anxiety                 Hypertension

Dr. Frenzel’s skills and experience add to the exceptional level of care that our team already provides to our community. If you are looking for treatment that is tailored to your individual needs with a natural and scientifically based approach, consider seeing Dr Frenzel. He is currently accepting new patients.

Dr. Frenzel lives in the shoreline town of Milford, Connecticut with his wife and two children. He enjoys cooking, sailing and raising his family.


What if your body could tell you exactly what it needed?

It can!

In fact, your body is talking to you all the time – when it’s hungry, thirsty, tired, or in pain.  Did you know that allergic reactions, fatigue, weight gain, headaches, back pain and insomnia are also some of the ways your body is talking to you?

Are you ready to listen to your body?

If you are, The Life Center of Connecticut can help you interpret what your body is saying to you about your need for optimum physical, mental and emotional health, and provide guidance and support as you become healthy. Get the relief you deserve from the stressful and synthetic world that causes anxiety and dis-ease.

Recognizing and respecting our ability as human beings to heal ourselves, we combine multiple natural therapies that support the body’s inherent healing abilities. We embrace the whole family: babies, children, adults, and seniors.

The Life Center of Connecticut – Integrative Health Solutions 

What’s your frustration level when you go to your “regular” doctor or specialist?  On a typical visit you see the doctor for half the time you had to wait to see him. The meeting feels rushed, and the doctor isn’t listening to you about how you think your symptoms are related to your life.  His intention is good but he just doesn’t have the time. The doctor scribbles a prescription or a referral as they head out the door to their next patient. You say to yourself, “This isn’t a good way to take care of my health! There has to be a better solution.”

The Life Center of CT understands your frustration and can do something about it.  Integrative Medicine, or “Whole Person Care” is the solution that you’ve been looking for.

Now imagine you’ve just stepped into a bright and scent-free room, painted a robin’s egg blue.  The bell on the door alerts the receptionist that you’ve arrived.  You’re not waiting long before one of our naturopathic doctors asks you to their office to talk with you – about everything in your life – to get to the root of your dis-ease, pain, or imbalance.  The two of you then come up with a comprehensive, and realistic, plan to restore your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Just for an example, did you know that by simply eliminating certain foods from your diet you could make your heartburn go away forever? Think about how much better your body feels without the heartburn, and the medicine that alters your body’s natural chemistry.  Soon you find you’re sleeping better.  As an added bonus you’ve got more energy and you are losing weight.

Doesn’t it make sense to have a primary care physician that listens to you, and your body, someone who wants to take care of all of you and not just your symptoms?

If you’re done with the frustrating doctors visits, tired of health care that fixes imbalances with pills, and would rather help your body heal itself, come visit The Life Center of CT.

We offer a wide variety of natural therapies and wellness services, including naturopathic primary care, allergy desensitizationindividualized weight loss programs and pain management.  We are also the only health facility in Connecticut practicing the Keesey hemorrhoid elimination technique.

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Upcoming Events

Workshop: Master Stress-Conquer Overload and Enjoy Your Life
Led By: Kathleen Thompson
Where: The Life Center of CT 2 Broadway North Haven, CT 06473
When: Wednesday, April 23 and 30
Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Cost: 60$
Register by calling: 203-239-3400

Stress is everywhere, and we all feel it. Why? Crazy schedule, long work day, sick or older family member, distractions, pain. If we don't do something about it, stress can make us sick with sleep problems, hypertension, Unexpected weight gain or loss, brain fog, digestive problems etc. Were here to help! Learn to identify your unique stress signature, practice proven stress-busting strategies, and learn to use "good stress" to achieve your life goals.

What Our Patients Say

"I prefer to think of this diet as a nutrition plan, it stood out because it's so individualized and multifaceted. It addressed some of my emotional issues around eating. I had been trying to lose weight for over 10 years on my own. The one-on-one coaching was critical to my success. Talking about my feelings and struggles, having help with meal planning, etc. worked for me. I would start out thinking, 'This is impossible' and little by little would find myself thinking, 'This IS possible!' I feel great, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I feel grounded and in touch with myself.
I have lost over 30 lbs and 40 inches!"

Carolyn M.,

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