Welcome to The Life Center of Connecticut

We are dedicated to finding integrative health solutions to promote your healing in body, mind and spirit. Recognizing and respecting our ability as human beings to heal ourselves, we combine multiple natural therapies that support your body’s inherent healing abilities. We welcome the whole family: babies, children, adults and seniors.

People come to us with acute problems, in pain, exhausted, or because their overall health has been compromised.  Others come because they have a problem that just won’t go away, or a chronic illness that hasn’t been helped by regular medicine.

Some people have concerns in the physical realm while others are struggling more in the cognitive or emotional realms. Still others come because they know they are not well and want to know how to get healthy.  Maybe they have had a battery of tests or seen lots of doctors and still have the problem.

More and more people are sick of taking medicine, tired of the side effects, and searching for a more natural approach. We treat the whole person, not just their symptoms or their illness, with carefully chosen non-toxic remedies, powerful natural treatments and lifestyle changes.  We have been able to help many people not assisted by conventional medicine, or even by other alternative practitioners.

We offer safe, effective approaches to the prevention and treatment of illness, and utilize traditional medicines and as well as cutting edge technology. We will use our knowledge, experience and compassion to address your concerns and to design a wellness program that fits your lifestyle and supports your health. We believe that preventative medicine is crucial to long life and avoidance of disease so we teach you how to nourish your body and live a healthy life.

We are happy to practice in conjunction with other health care providers and both refer to and accept referrals from across the medical spectrum.

Most of our services are covered by insurance. We participate with Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna and Cigna and will work with other insurance companies.

In addition to the comprehensive

Naturopathic Medicine Program,

The Life Center provides solutions

to some of your most frequent

and aggravating health problems.

Weight loss  

Pain management

AAT allergy desensitization

Keesey Technique for Eliminating Hemmorrhoids